Provincial Director's Message

Let me take this opportunity on behalf of the members of the Pampanga Police Provincial Office to welcome you to our informative and interactive website. By its very nature, this website is a work-in-progress, you are encouraged to browse our site, provide comments and useful information to assist us in enhancing the services we provide.

The men and women of the Pampanga Police Provincial Office work tirelessly, in partnership with the community, to provide a safe and secure environment for those who live, work and visit our province.  This is part of our continuing effort to expand the reach of our information, education and communication programs beyond the province limits and into the world-wide web.

By putting Pampanga PPO online, we hope to carry out our Mission to enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, and maintain peace and order in the province of Pampanga, more effectively and always mindful of our responsibility to inform our citizens on matters of public interest.

It is my pleasure to serve the people of Pampanga as we work together today…for a better tomorrow.

Police Colonel
Provincial Director