Chief, PCR Branch/ PIO, Pampanga PPO
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DATE             :        April 3, 2013


...................................................SUMMER VACATION 2013

            Now that the summer months are here, tourists and vacationists flock the provinces that have beaches, leisure parks and recreational areas in order to take pleasure and escape the summer heat. Since the province of Pampanga is in the crossroads of Central Luzon, many of these tourists pass through the local and national highways within the province and may in turn lead to the congestion of vehicles in our roads.

            In response to this issue, the Pampanga PNP under the supervision of PSSUPT R’WIN S PAGKALINAWAN, Provincial Director, Pampanga PPO, launched IMPLAN SUMVAC TRES in order to ensure the safety on places of convergence and transport terminals. The SUMVAC TRES also aims to assist motorists, commuters and the public by conducting intensified mobile security patrols, beat patrols and traffic control and direction to guarantee the safe travel of motorists along the main roads.

            Furthermore, PD PAGKALINAWAN instructed his Chiefs of Police to establish Motorist Assistance Centers (MACs) along highways within their respective areas of responsibilities so as to ensure the deployment of traffic enforcers along major routes particularly along intersections and recreational areas to ensure safety and smooth flow of traffic. In addition, Police Assistance Centers (PACs) on malls and bus terminals must be maintained.

            Complimentary with these efforts, the Pampanga PNP will intensify the implementation of preemptive security measures to address possible criminal and hostile acts that may arise during this summer vacation.